No stupid questions here. Join Marissa, Matthew, and Sacco each week for video game discussions. From our favourite all-time video games to games we couldn't finish, we'll be discussing a variety of video games, including Playstation, Xbox, mobile, and PC games. Weekly discussions also include games we're currently playing from all genres – with several tangents for your enjoyment. After all, when there are no stupid questions, every topic is on the table. 

Genres you can expect we'll talk about include, but are certainly not limited to: role-playing games (RPGs & JRPGs), run-and-guns, first-person and third-person shooters, platformers, top-down games, open-world games, puzzles, strategy games, survival games, fighting games, racing games, stealth games, rhythm games, text adventures, and choice-based games.  

*Spoilers are noted at the top of each episode. 
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